Turkey Is First In The World To Increase The Investment Value Of Its houses

If you're interested in the Real Estate Investment sector and believe it is one of the best ways to save your cash and raise its value effortlessly, then you might as well consider investing in houses in Turkey; as the properties have it all from easy ownership, quality construction, unlimited options, and affordable prices. In this article from Homes Bank Real Estate, we will reflect on the advantages of buying a property in Turkey and how the market has grown; referring to global statistics and reports from the official websites of the Turkish Government, TurkStat.

Can Foreigners Buy a House in Turkey?

Yes, a foreigner can buy a house in Turkey smoothly, and, in some cases, a foreign investor has more perks, like tax exemption. The Turkish government allows foreigners to purchase real estate in Turkey, subject to certain regulations.

Foreigners can buy property in Turkey under the same conditions as Turkish citizens, which means they can enjoy the same property ownership rights and protections. However, you must reach out to an experienced real estate agency to learn about the best areas/cities to own a property in Turkey as a foreigner, as there are a few districts in Istanbul that are not open for ownership to mitigate overpopulation.

Is Buying a House in Turkey a Good Investment?

Buying a house is obviously a major decision, especially in a foreign country. You ought to learn about the highs and lows, the perks and merits, and, of course, the overall profit. In means of helping you with the decision, we gathered the most prominent advantages of owning a property in Turkey, and official reports and data from Global and Turkish statistics regarding the value of homes in Turkey.

Why to Buy a House in Turkey?

If you're in search of an exclusive and modern lifestyle, Houses in Turkey offer a world of opportunity. There are numerous advantages and benefits that come with investing in Turkish real estate.

One of the most significant advantages is the opportunity to apply forTurkish citizenshipby purchasing a property worth $400,000 or more. This provides buyers with all the rights and benefits of Turkish citizenship. For those with a smaller budget, a real estate residence permit is also an option.

The quality and luxury of Turkey's architecture and design are second to none, with expert developers using high-quality materials to create exclusive modern buildings anddream-like apartments. Whether you're looking for a stunning beachfront property or a luxurious city-center apartment, Houses in Turkey are sure to impress.

Finding and purchasing the perfect house in Turkey has never been easier, thanks to the option ofinstallment payments.This makes the process of buying a home in Turkey hassle-free and convenient.

Turkey offers a relativelylow cost of livingwithout overlooking quality.
The country'sweatherand beach locations are world-renowned, and there are plenty of international schools available for children.

Investing in property in Turkey can also be highly profitable, with the country's strength in tourism providing alucrative return on investment. Rental income during the holiday season can bring in great profits, making it an ideal opportunity for those looking to make a sound investment. Additionally, when considering a long-term investment of a minimum of three years, the traditional resale option brings even more yields.

Houses in Turkey are an increasingly attractive investment option for foreigners, with a range of factors motivating their interest. For those in search of residential properties with a unique view, Turkey offers a stunning range of locations, including beautiful rural areas and bustling city centers. The country's unique history, with Ottoman architecture and ruins of other ancient civilizations covering its land, in addition to its strong economy and being the largest province in the Middle East, adds to its value and significance.

Propertypricesin Turkey are highly competitive, with experts noting that the average price per square meter is well below that of comparable European cities. Moreover, the government's citizenship-by-investment program offers added incentives for foreign buyers, who can also benefit from the range of property types and options on offer, including thousands of commercial properties.

A recent statistical study conducted by the British real estate agency, Nike Frank, has shown that the value of houses in Turkey is rapidly increasing. The study analyzed the increase in house prices during the second quarter of 2022 in 150 cities across the globe, and Istanbul came out on top with an annual increase of 184.9%. Following Istanbul, the Turkish capital, Ankara, ranked second with an annual increase of 165.4%, and Izmir came in third place with an annual increase of 150.9%.

Despite some cities experiencing a decrease in house prices, it's clear that the value of houses in Turkey is on the rise, making it an attractive destination for real estate investors around the world. As investors continue to discover the benefits of buying homes in Turkey, the sector is offering a range of enticing offers, making it the perfect time to check out the range of options available.

Houses in Turkey: Istanbul is the Leading City in the Thriving Market

The sale of houses in Turkey has seen significant growth in recent years, with Istanbul being a particularly attractive destination for homeownership. The latest statistics from January 2023, December 2022, and November 2022 demonstrate a vibrant housing market in the city.

InJanuary 2023, Istanbul had the highest share of house sales in Turkey, with 17,415 units sold, representing a 10.6% increase from the previous year. Of these sales, 4,260 were first-time house purchases, while the remaining 13,155 were sold through other means. Foreign buyers purchased 4,161 houses in total, with Russians being the most prominent buyers, purchasing 1,557 houses.

InDecember 2022, Istanbul once again took the lead in the houses-sale field, with 36,744 houses sold throughout the month. Of these trades, 77,889 were first-time purchases, and 130,074 were second-hand. The number of house sales to foreigners increased by 15.2% in 2022, reaching 67,490, with Antalya being the most popular destination. Russians, Iranians, and Iraqis were the top nationalities buying houses in Turkey.

InNovember 2022, 14,429 houses were sold in Istanbul, representing a 34.1% decrease compared to the same month in the previous year. However, overall house sales from January to November of 2022 increased by 1.0% compared to the previous year, reaching 259,654. The majority of house sales were second-hand, but first-time house sales had a 31.7% share of all house sales, reaching 37,380 in November and 382,190 from January to November. Moreover, there were 1,227 house sales to foreigners in November, and 61,104 from January to November, with Russians being the most prominent buyers.

All in all, for any assistance and support regarding owning houses in Turkey, feel free to contact us at Homes Bank Real Estate at any time. We have reliable consultants and updated services that offer listings of properties for sale, both residential and commercial. These services provide detailed information and advice on various aspects of buying and selling houses in Turkey, including financing options such as installments methods for expensive properties. Furthermore, we can help you with rentals services, offering a wide range of ideas and options to enhance your property.
At Homes Bank Real Estate, you can get luxury residences and properties with astonishing views at the most reasonable price.

Overall, investing in Houses in Turkey is a leading choice for those looking to build their investment portfolio or live in a modern and exciting country. With a range of options available, from cheap to expensive properties, and a favorable government policy towards foreigners, Turkey's real estate market is a promising and profitable venture for anyone willing to take the leap.


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