Real estate investment in turkey an approved profit for investors

Benefits of Real Estate Investment in Turkey

The report conducted a statistical study on the investment returns of real estate investments in the Turkish sector, specifically focusing on the Istanbul market and comparing it to other real estate markets. When it comes to the question "Why is the Turkish real estate market attractive for investment?" the report indicates that the real estate sector in Turkey holds a prestigious position among the world's top 18 economies and is poised to become one of the top 15 global economies by 2050.

Real Estate Investment in Turkey: What You Need to Know

According to Mr. Kokhan Taş, the head of the Turkey branch of the global real estate group "Coldwell Banker," real estate sales in Turkey are expected to reach 1.5 million units this year. Information published by the group suggests that real estate investment in Turkey is the only investment that continues to yield continuous profits without being exposed to the risks of loss faced by other sectors.

In his assessment of the current situation, Mr. Taş stated, "About 1.289 million units were sold in the real estate sector last year, achieving a 10% growth despite the challenges the sector faced leading up to the elections. Real estate sales are expected to reach 1.5 million units this year. It's worth noting that this growth and the price increase of 20% were achieved with an interest rate of 1.20%. If the interest rate is reduced to between 0.75% and 0.85%, it will have positive effects on the sector, boosting sales and making the real estate sector a center of attraction for investors from various sectors."

Mr. Taş added that although Istanbul is considered the heart of the real estate sector, other cities such as Bursa and Antalya will gain significant importance in the future. He advised investors to buy small and medium-sized properties as they are quicker and easier to sell. He also emphasized the importance of investing in residential complexes near vital centers, as these properties are easily sold. The real estate sector in Turkey remains among the best investment sectors for profit, and real estate sales are expected to increase by the end of this year.

Achieving Profitability in Real Estate Investment in Turkey

To achieve profitability in real estate investment in Turkey, you can follow the following steps:

Gather Comprehensive Data About the Targeted Property:

Before investing, accurate information about the property to be purchased must be collected. This includes its location, legal status, property evaluations, and expected returns.

Invest in Promising Areas:

It's important to choose areas that are expected to experience increased investment activity in the future, such as the European side areas of Istanbul. This increases the likelihood of achieving good returns on the investment.

Consult Experts:

It's always preferable to consult individuals with expertise in the real estate field before making any decisions. Benefitting from professional advice can save a lot of time and money.

Avoid Risks:

Investments in properties facing fundamental issues, such as legal or structural problems, should be avoided. Careful property inspection reduces the likelihood of future issues.

Capitalize on the Tourist Trend:

Data shows that millions of tourists visit Turkey annually, and owning and investing in properties in tourist-attractive areas can be beneficial. Tourism can contribute to achieving additional economic feasibility.

Benefit from Turkish Citizenship:

Under legal amendments, Turkish citizenship can be granted in exchange for purchasing a property worth $400,000. This enhances the benefits of real estate investment and attracts more investors.

Real Estate Investment in Turkey: Sustainable Investment

Despite the decline in many global real estate markets, the Turkish real estate sector is witnessing unprecedented prosperity. This is attributed to the stability of the Turkish economy, particularly after the shift to a presidential system of government. This change has had a positive impact on the stock market, attracting foreign investors to the Turkish markets, with a focus on the real estate sector.

Promising figures from the Turkish Statistical Institute show that real estate sales increased by 28.8% in September 2022 compared to the same month of the previous year. This continuous increase enhances investor expectations for the coming years, making the real estate sector in Turkey an attractive and sustainable investment option.

Factors Influencing the Value of Real Estate Investment in Turkey

Several factors influence the value of real estate investment in Turkey, including:

Supply and Demand Balance:

The balance between supply and demand plays a crucial role in determining the value of a property. An increase in demand relative to supply can raise property values.

Location and Space:

The location and total area of the property significantly impact its value. Properties in desirable areas close to services and facilities usually hold higher value.

Rental Yields:

Estimating rental yields from the property plays a role in determining investment feasibility. Stable and lucrative rental yields enhance investment attractiveness.

Natural Factors:

The property's surroundings and climate can affect its value. Properties located in attractive environments with favorable weather conditions are usually more valuable.

Economic Factors:

Property values are linked to the economic stability of the country. Economic growth can lead to an increase in property value.

Laws and Regulations:

Laws related to construction, permits, and rentals play a role in determining property value and investment feasibility.

Social Trends and Taste:

Considering social trends and general preferences can affect property attractiveness and, consequently, its value.

Expected Benefits:

Anticipating future benefits from the property, such as value appreciation over time, can impact the investment decision.

Is Real Estate Investment in Turkey Profitable? Reasons for Property Value Increase

Indeed, real estate investment in Turkey is considered profitable. Several reasons contribute to property value increase and enhanced feasibility:

Inflation Impact:

Inflation can lead to property value appreciation over time, boosting investment return potential.

Supply and Demand Impact:

Increased demand for properties and limited supply can raise their value.

Infrastructure Improvements:

Developing infrastructure in specific areas can increase property values in those regions.

Economic Shifts and Growth:

Economic growth and shifts have a positive impact on property values.

Cash Flow Influx:

Increased cash flow from the property, whether through rentals or sales, enhances investment feasibility.

Urgent Improvements:

Making improvements to the property, such as decorations and renovations, can raise its value.

Risks of Real Estate Investment in Turkey - Reasons for Property Value Decrease

Despite the potential benefits, there are certain risks to consider when investing in real estate in Turkey:

Supply and Demand Conditions:

Decreased demand or increased supply can lead to a decrease in property value.

Economic Deterioration:

Economic downturn can result in a decline in property value.

Regulatory Changes:

Changes in government regulations can impact real estate investments and their value.

Forced Sale:

Forced sale of property due to financial circumstances can reduce its value.

Lack of Continuous Maintenance:

Neglecting maintenance can lead to property deterioration and value decline.

Weak Infrastructure:

Poor infrastructure can negatively impact property attractiveness and value.

Properties in Turkey: Profitable Investment for Foreign Investors

Indeed, real estate remains a profitable option for foreign investors in Turkey. The Turkish Central Bank confirmed in its report the continued substantial profits the real estate sector provides to investors in general. The increasing interest in areas like "Janak Kala" and "Balicaser" reflects the attractiveness of the investment.

According to estimations from the Turkish Central Bank, the property price index increased by over 11.17% across the country. This signifies the growing demand and strong investment in real estate.

Areas like "Janak Kala" recorded an increase of over 20.67% in the property price index, highlighting sustainable excellence. The continued growth in significant cities such as Istanbul and Ankara contribute to making real estate investment in Turkey a fruitful and sustainable choice for foreign investors.

Benefits of Real Estate Investment in Turkey

This article studied several benefits of real estate investment in Turkey:

Engagement in Statistical Analysis:

The report conducted a statistical study on investment returns in the Turkish real estate sector. The comparison between Istanbul's real estate market and other property markets sheds light on the sector's investment attractiveness.

Turkey's Economic Strength:

Reports indicate that Turkey holds a prestigious position among the world's top eighteen economies, and this status is expected to further increase in the coming years. This enhances the attractiveness of real estate investment in the country.

Investment Returns:

Investors seek properties at preferential prices, increasing the net value of investments. Ongoing research and thorough comparison can contribute to finding such opportunities.

Real Estate Sector Stability:

Despite economic fluctuations, the real estate sector in Turkey remains stable and robust. This provides a conducive environment for long-term investments.

Future of the Real Estate Sector in Turkey

The analysis covered expectations for the future of the real estate sector in Turkey based on market data analysis. The analysis predicts that the real estate market will continue to be active and vibrant, especially in areas witnessing significant projects. It also highlighted that the decrease in the value of the Turkish lira against the dollar can contribute to increased foreign investments.


Turkey continues to be an attractive destination for real estate investment due to its economic stability and opportunities in the property market. With increasing interest from foreign investors and economic growth expectations, the current time presents an excellent opportunity to benefit from real estate investments in Turkey. Continuous research and thorough study remain fundamental to maximizing these opportunities.


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