Get Turkish Citizenship: How to obtaining citizenship for foreigners?


Over the past years, many foreigners have been interested in obtaining the Turkish Passport due to the easiness of the process as well as the accompanied perks that come with it. For example, the Turkish Passport allows its holders permanent residency in the country, visa-free access to 110 countries around the world, the opportunity to receive an E-2 business visa to the United States, benefits of having dual Citizenship, and much more merits!

There are several ways in which you can acquire Turkish Citizenship, whether by real estate investment, residency, marriage, establishing a business, or if you prove to have Turkish descent/ origin.

The easiest, most profitable way to obtain Turkish Citizenship is through real estate investment... ever since the government launched the program in 2017, thousands of foreign citizens from all over the world have been granted the Turkish Passport; enjoying profits and residency in the beautiful country. If you wish to join them, keep reading as we gathered for you important aspects and requirements to get Turkish Citizenship through real estate investment, from the required documents, critical changes in the program, and other essential FAQs.

Documents required to get Turkish Citizenship through Real Estate Investment

Any foreigner, except for Syrians, Cubans, Nigerians, South Koreans, and Armenians, can apply to get Turkish Citizenship through real estate investment according to Turkish Law. The process, like any other legal regulation, requires specific documentation from the applicant; these include:

1.Standard Personal Documents. Such as a completed application form, photocopy of the Passport, photocopy of the birth certificate, personal photos, etc.

Confirmation of payment of the state's fees.

2.A police clearance certificate. (A notarized permit for the processing of data by local officials).

3.Official Documents that confirm the implementation of investments: e.g., an assessment report, an extract from a bank or investment fund, and constituent documents. An Official Copy of the Tabu (The title deed of the purchased property), which proves your ownership of one or more properties with a minimum worth of 400,000 USD.

4.Criminal background check.

5.Medical report.

How much does it cost to get Turkish Citizenship?

The cost of a Turkish Passport depends on the method you're choosing to acquire it, whether you decide to invest in a property, establish a business, or deposit a certain amount of money in your Turkish Bank account. In other words, the cost of a Turkish Passport can be summed up in the following options:


  • Buying real estate worth 400,000 USD.
  • Depositing 500,000 USD for three years.
  • Purchasing securities in the amount of 500,000 USD.
  • Establishing a business with a capital of 500,000 USD.
  • Establishing a Business in Turkey while creating 50 job opportunities.


How long is the waiting period to get Turkish Citizenship?

In the general sense, this process varies from months to years, depending on the method of application. The Turkish government agencies concerned with Citizenship are the ones that determine the time period required to obtain it. In the case of applying for Turkish Citizenship through real estate investment, then when meeting all conditions of the programme, Citizenship takes around three months maximum to be acquired.

Is it required for a person who requests Turkish Citizenship to live in Turkey?

No, the person requesting Turkish Citizenship is not required to live in Turkey. However, it may be important for the person requesting Turkish Citizenship to show that he knows about Turkey and is able to live there, and this is clarified by showing the various certificates that must be submitted upon request.

Does Turkey allow dual Citizenship?

Turkey allows dual Citizenship. If you are a citizen of a country that allows dual Citizenship as well, you will have no problem whatsoever with applying for the Turkish Passport through investment or any other way...

However, suppose your country does not allow holding more than one Passport. In that case, you must review the Turkish Embassy or your nation's official agency to get comprehensive information.

What are the most critical updates of the Citizenship by Investment Law in Turkey 2023?

The Turkish Citizenship by Investment law has had various amendments over the past years where critical rules regarding the type of property, investment's worth, and even type of currency has been altered. We at Homes Bank Real Estate are always checking up on the laws and their vital aspects of it. In this regard, we listed below three important changes to the Citizenship by Investment programme that has been concerning our clients, which are:

If the real estate pre-sale pledge is used as part of the "Citizenship for an Investment" programme, the investment of 400,000 USD must be pledged in only one contract. It doesn't matter how many properties each such contract covers; the new amendment states that you can no longer combine multiple pre-purchase contracts for citizenship applications. A provisional property purchase agreement can no longer be combined with an already-made property purchase.

Another amendment to the Citizenship by Investment Law stated that with properties that are jointly owned by several investors; only one investor is eligible to apply for obtaining Turkish Citizenship through the program, even if the one applicant's share of the property is worth more than 400,000 USD; the program states that investors of any shared property are no longer allowed to apply for acquiring Citizenship. For example, if two foreigners purchase real estate worth 800,000 USD in equal shares (400.000 USD for each), they will not be able to apply for Citizenship together.

One more interesting change in the Citizenship by Investment program in Türkiye states that: the property intended to be purchased for acquiring Turkish Citizenship must not be previously owned by a foreign investor who obtained Turkish Citizenship through the program. It does not matter whether the property you're wishing to buy was the one used in the programme or not, as long as the previous owner participated in the program; none of their property (s) can now be used for obtaining Citizenship.

You can learn more about the rights, laws, and any other vital information regarding property ownership in Turkey by simply contacting our experienced team. Reach out to Our Consultants at Homes Bank Real Estate anytime, who will gladly help you get Turkish Citizenship through real estate investment.


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