Luxury Apartments in Basin Express Istanbul: Your Gateway to Elegance

Basin Express, Istanbul

Starting from $400,000

"Discover opulent luxury apartments in Basin Express Istanbul, offering modern architectural marvels, spacious interiors, and world-class amenities. Invest in your dream home and future in this prime location. Explore your gateway to elegance today! Learn more here."

  • Type:Apartments
  • Units:352
  • Area: 64.755 m2
  • Parking:1
  • Heating:Yes
  • Build Date:2020
  • Payment:Cash / Installments
  • Resources.Global.Site.AvailableUnits:1+1, 2+1, 3+1
Before we delve into the details of these opulent apartments, let's acquaint ourselves with the splendid Basin Express. It is a vital and dynamic business and residential hub located in the European part of Istanbul. Basin Express is well-known for its strategic location, connecting major transportation arteries, including the E-5 and TEM highways.

Project Information:

Total construction area: 64,755 square meters. A luxurious family residential complex consisting of two buildings (A-block + B-block), each with 18 floors. A total of 352 apartments in both buildings. The project includes 12 commercial units.

Building A:

Available apartment types: 1+1/2 1+1 3+1 Each floor has only 12 apartments.

Building B:

Available apartment types: 1+1 2+1 Each floor contains 8 apartments.

Project Location Features:

4 km away from Mahmud Bey Metro Station. Only 2 km from Mall 212 Outlet. 2 km away from the municipality. 4 km away from Mall of Istanbul.

Payment Options:

Cash or installment plan over 24 months.

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  • Metro
  • Taxi
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