Reservation & Real-Estate Tour

Reservation & Real-Estate Tour

Provides service to its customers who want to own real estate following their style and needs.

Helps its guests arriving in Turkey in all matters from the first greeting at the airport until the farewell, and offers Customer Satisfaction-Oriented Service.

Assigns a private staff to accompany its guests. This staff helps to select the appropriate Hotel and Transfer Services and make reservations.

He/she has various discount offers suitable for every demand in tourism.

He/she organizes sightseeing tours to real estate projects in Istanbul and outside of Istanbul under the planned schedule. This sightseeing tour includes beneficial opportunity real estate according to the desire, demand, and needs under the declared budget. The tour program is planned in advance to achieve the desired results.

When the real estate appropriate with the request of the guest is procured, and an agreement is achieved, a contract is made, and a down payment is received. 2-day Hotel, Meal, and Transfer Fee of the Guest, who purchases Real Estate Over USD250,000.00, is covered.